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Furry Good

Furry Good Wellness | Ear Wipes [ALOE VERA & SILVER ION]

Furry Good Wellness | Ear Wipes [ALOE VERA & SILVER ION]

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Furry Good Wellness Ear Wipes are formulated for dogs 🐶 and cats 🐱 to gently and conveniently remove dirt keeping your pet's ear free of wax and discharge which can cause odor and infection. Each pad is soaked with Aloe Vera Extract 🍀 and special formulated Silver Ion ⚪️ which helps soothe, moisturize & reduce bacteria in the ears.

Why our Ear Wipes?
❤️Soothes and moisturizes
❤️Removes wax & discharge
🦠Has antimicrobial properties which helps reduce bacteria and prevent infection & inflammation
❤️Skin friendly
❤️Heal minor wounds
❤️Safe, convenient & easy to use

For use around the ears and accessible parts of the ear canal. 

Suitable for daily use or quick clean-up.

Each bottle contains 130 soft wipes.

EDI Water, Non-Woven Fabric, Silver Ion, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Aloe Vera Extract, Phenoxyethanol, CPC

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