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Furry Good is founded in Singapore with the mission of providing the healthiest pet treats and all-natural pet wellness products for dogs and cats 🐶 🐱.

As an animal lover and a dedicated pet owner of a dog, Daniela has pursued a Diploma in Veterinary Clinical Science and has spent time exploring brands that offer healthy treats and pet care products for her dog and she have discovered that many companies compromised on quality ingredients to lower the cost of the product. She believes that pets should deserve nothing less than what she would eat and use herself and has therefore set out on a quest to source for pet treats and formulated pet care wellness products that are made 100% natural, human-grade and does not contain artificial preservatives, artificial flavourings, artificial additives, salt, sugar, and fillers. So no nasties! 

The founder wants the best for every pet because both food and wellness products are the foundation of what helps pet thrives in terms of physical and mental health.

With Furry Good products, all you paw parents can shop without worries! Every product is sourced ethically and curated with your pet’s health in heart!❤️

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