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Freeze-Dried Protein | Shishamo

Freeze-Dried Protein | Shishamo

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Shishamo is a low fat, low calorie treats which is rich in easily digestible proteins, calcium and EPA & DHA (Omega 3 fatty acids). It has a great source of vitamins & minerals like potassium (regulate blood🩸, supports nerves health, enzymes & muscles💪), vitamin B & D (B: supports nervous system, immune system, metabolism & prevents anemia🩸/ D: helps maintain strong bones🦴).

Consuming Whole Shishamo helps with healthy fur growth as well!

Our Freeze-Dried Shishamo is made using only 100% fresh Whole Shishamo, freeze-dried at -20 degrees Celsius preserving the meat natural nutrients, flavour, texture and crunch! 

Whole Shishamo stimulates prey drive! Reward your furkid after walks, grooming sessions or offer it as a bedtime snack!

Each packet has a batch number for tracking.

Why Furry Good Freeze-Dried Shishamo?
We used USA high quality fresh human-grade meat
Our ingredients are all natural
Our ingredients are 100% freeze dried
No nasties, preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring were added

Ways to consume:
💙Directly from the bag
💙As food toppers
💙Rehydrate and serve

Ingredients: 100% Whole Shishamo

Weight: 50g

Storage Instructions
Store treats cool and dry, away from sunlight.
Refrigeration helps to maintain freshness after opening. 

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