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Freeze-Dried Fruits | Mango Cubes [50g]

Freeze-Dried Fruits | Mango Cubes [50g]

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Did you know?
Freeze-drying is one of the latest food preservation methods which is popular with NASA for astronauts👩🏻‍🚀!
Freeze-drying sublimate fresh fruits at -40 degrees Celsius preserving the fruits appearance, flavour, texture and nutrients exactly as it is, just without the moisture.
Freeze-drying is a trendy way to preserve fruits as healthy treats!

Why Furry Good Freeze-Dried Mangos?
❤️We used high quality fresh human-grade fruits processed in a human-grade food production vicinity.
❤️Our ingredients are all natural.
❤️Our ingredients are 100% freeze dried.
❤️No nasties, preservatives, artificial flavouring and colouring were added.
💩Promotes better stool consistency with 🔼 fibre intake

Ways to consume:
💙Directly from the bag
💙As food toppers
💙Rehydrate and serve

Storage Instructions:
Store treats cool and dry, away from sunlight.
Refrigerate after opening for freshness.
Each bag of treats has an expiration date indicated at the back of the bag.

For pets with renal issues and/or diabetes, please seek veterinary advice before consumption.

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